Book Series

The Long Term Ecological Research network was created by the National Science Foundation to establish multi-decadal monitoring of diverse ecosystems including deserts, estuaries, oceans, coral reefs, prairies, forests, and polar environments across the United States, Antarctica, Moorea and Puerto Rico. Data collected by scientists at each of the 26 research sites becomes part of a 35+ year long-term record, providing a context to evaluate physical/biological processes and the nature and pace of ecological change.

The LTER Schoolyard Series was created as an educational outreach initiative by scientists at these sites in order to engage children in ecosystem science through the use of illustrated narratives. While a particular book may appeal to a child's regional environment, the variety across this series can make unfamiliar biomes more relatable and pique curiosity in environmental themes. Through these books, children can

And the Tide Comes In...                   

...examine new plants and animals
in a tidal salt marsh in Georgia

...trace the source of a creek
high into the Rocky Mountains

    My Water Comes From the Rocky Mountains

Kupe and the Corals                             
...explore the underwater
coral reefs of Moorea
...follow the true story
of a scientist-led seal
rescue in Antarctica

                                    The Lost Seal

One Night in the Everglades              the pulse of
the Everglades by night
...investigate environmental
clues in the Pacific Ocean

                                    Sea Secrets


Seeking the Wolf Tree               
...and search for an elusive
Wolf Tree in a New Hampshire
forest (arriving Fall 2015)

With plans for additional books exploring new ecosystems, this series is continuing to grow each year. The complete list of available books and ordering information is available on the LTER Schoolyard Series website.